Monday, March 29, 2010

The Missing Link: On the Origins of the Forgotten...

No, these my musings on the fossil record, but rather a quest inspired by you (the comics blogosphere at large). Sometimes discussions on the interwebs will remind me of some internet geek fare for which I no longer remember the location. The Missing Link is a sporadic (don’t expect a consistent release schedule as it’s dependent on my memory and my Google Fu) series of posts highlighting the results of my continuing mission and never-ending battle to bring you the long-misplaced corners of internet awesome.

First, there’s this link that I have referenced in one or two posts but never supplied, because I lost the link. It is really on point. My only question is: Where is Dazzler?

Then, there’s this more scholarly work that I rediscovered.  I don’t agree with all the rules. In my opinion, rule 1 is merely one way to go. Rule 3 is optional (although, Pa Kent, Lucius Fox, Uncle Ben and others might beg to differ). I would amend rule 5 to say that if you do explain, make it a really short explanation (2 sentences at most) or have little bits drizzled throughout a series (if you absolutely have to). Rule 8 can be broken whenever you like, IMHO.

For more previously missing (or forgotten) links, watch this space.

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  1. I protest! Harvey Dent is only half evil! Number 8 assumes he "looks (all) evil." I disagree with that one whole-heartedly. Think of how many bad guys (and gals) look normal, handsome, or pretty, but are rotten to the core.

    I'll have to come up with my own list now. I need something to do after my JJ musings.

    Poor, poor Bouncing Boy. He's on everyone's "worst heroes" list. While I'm not really a fan of him, I do feel bad for Aquaman, as well, since he's the butt of so many jokes. I can't believe they covered Planeteers on their list. *snicker*