Monday, March 1, 2010

Another cut scene or dvd extra from JLA: The Movie...

The scene opens with a steamed up bathroom mirror...

Cue this song:

The mirror gets wiped clear, revealing Hal Jordan’s bare upper body. Comb in hand, he’s lip-syncing and pointing at his reflection...He’s singing to himself about himself.

The Watchtower hallway.

This is from the back shot of Hal.

Hal, now fully uniformed and sporting his Ipod, quietly sings along ("We made our connection...") while shuffling rhythmically down the hall, twirling around every half a dozen steps, on his way to transporter / teleporter room. He’s got a hot date.

"Hal!" Suddenly, J’onn ghosts through the wall a foot in front of Hal.

Hal falls over from being startled and plucks off his earphones. “Damnit, Martian. When will stop doing that??”

J’onn turns awayin the direction of the conference room, and telepathically answers, When it no longer amuses me. "Hal, It's an emergency. We're needed.”


  1. I think we should name this the "Sally" scene in honor of Green Lantern's Butts Forever, considering that it has the potential for a lot of Green Lantern buttage. (Did I just type that? Oy.)

    Going on a date in uniform? I wonder who with?

    Well at least J'onn didn't catch him in the shower. Thank goodness J'onn is an upright guy.

  2. Buttage? I really, really like that term! "Buttage." It makes me smile. :-)

    Hal didn't have an actual date lined up: He was just getting ready to prowl for one. More fun that way. ;-)

  3. Liss: Maybe, he just likes to wander the hall in full uniform...

    Sea: It's also entirely possible that Hal did have a date, but was simultaneously on the prowl for other prospects...