Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More DeviantArt Fun: Public Displays of Bromance

Courtesy of DeviantArt User jimmymcwicked, I present the ultimate bromance or the bromance that stood the test of time...

Output from the MFET (Masked Facial Expression Translator) - worldwide patent pending:

Not here. Not in front of everyone. I have an image to protect! I’m tough and scary. A hug is so not happening...

Using the UPM (Utterance Predictive Module) of the MFET (Masked Facial Expression Translator) - worldwide patent still pending - this is what Batman will say next:

"Who am I kidding? Despite all your super-powered buffoonery and there's been a lot of that over the years, I still love you, man. Bring it on in for a hug!"


  1. But...but...what will poor Robin think? I bet he's standing off in the background weeping. (That is, if it's Dick Grayson.)

  2. Dick gets the love despite NON-POWERED buffoonery and riding on bats' reputation quota, which isn't worth a hug...Maybe something like ear-lobe yank?

  3. And he gets love despite all those bad haircuts and that ridiculous disco costume. What is up with that?!