Thursday, March 11, 2010

The truth about Dan Didio...

Years ago, when a comic book writer whose writing I dislike (present tense, because I still do) became way too influential for my liking, I left the whole comic book reading thing all together. And that was just a writer.

What am I to do when I see the bloody fingerprints of The Boss of my favourite superhero comic publisher on everything I don’t like about said publisher?

I don’t know yet, but the first step in my process is to research the problem.

Who is Dan Didio?

Dan is OBVIOUSLY a Marvel plant. A sleeper saboteur, if you will.

How do I know this?

Exhibit A:
The one thing Marvel has over DC is far less complicated continuity. Didio knows this, yet he green lit several major events that seemed to have the primary function of loading another level of complications onto DC continuity (Infinite Crisis, Countdown, and Final Crisis, I’m looking at you). And then, last I heard, Dan got the same writer I mentioned at the start of this post to pen something called Multiverse (which could be disastrous knowing how great Final Crisis turned out). Be afraid, people.

Exhibit B:
Before Didio’s reign, DC killed off about one popular character per decade. During this Didio age, characters with big, small, and medium-sized followings are getting killed off every six months. This type erosion of intellectual property and fan base is exactly what I would want if I were the Marvel bosses.

Exhibit C:
This is one is the most conclusive piece of evidence I have and that is: His name is Dan Didio. Who chooses names like that? Marvel. That’s who! Here are some examples: Bruce Banner, Peter Parker, Reed Richards, Susan Storm, Rich Rider, Scott Summers, Matt Murdock, Warren Worthington, Victor Von Doom, Wade Wilson, and many others.

I rest my case.


  1. Like I've mentioned elsewhere (probably on I-HoD), I'm getting increasingly disillusioned with comics. Which is a shame because, well, comics make me happy. (Or use to...) Having someone recently introduce me to anime/manga has started to make me view American comics in a different light, and I can't help but feel that many of the people responsible for creating comics (not just the writers) are depraved, emotionally-stunted people who are writing for an agenda and not writing for story.

    I refuse to pay any money for a certain writer's books after a certain storyline. I'll read them--at the library--but won't buy them.

    So this is why I've stacked all my copies of Showcase Presents to make a fort, and occasionally hide inside my Ford O' Silver Age Goodness clutching a copy of Showcase Presents: Martian Manhunter and whimpering to myself, "Why? Why Dan DiDio, WHY?!"

    The corollary to part C might be that Geoff Johns could possibly be the "choosen one" to reinstate DC's mission. I mean, he has two first Barry Allen, Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, Hal Jordan...

  2. *that's Fort, not Ford. If I could make a Ford out of Showcase Presents...well, I don't think that would be too eco-friendly...

  3. If I didn't know better...I'd think that Mr. Didio was NOT one of your favorite people.

  4. It's not that I DON'T LIKE Dan Didio (which is the case, I'll admit), but that the longer I read stuff with his "HELL YEAH" stamp of approval, the more I realise that we have completely different views of the comics medium and the superhero genre.

    In other words, Dan Didio is my real life Donna Troy.