Monday, March 8, 2010

MGK raises some legit points about a crying shame....

So, I’m guessing James Robinson isn’t a Roy Harper fan. Seriously, rip off a guy’s arm and kill his daughter??? Really??

Even if you liked the first six issues of the series, the last instalment is... well, I think Mightygodking said it best here. Be warned, folks, some of his language is not for the sensitive, but given issue #7’s subject matter...

The comment that summed up ‘The Making of Cry for Justice’ and the general state of DC’s decision-making best is this one by Lister Sarge:

“I’ve known for a long time now that trusting DC editorial is like putting your sexual organs in a tiger’s mouth. Sure there’s a chance it won’t bite, but do you really want to take that risk?”

Amen to that, Lister Sarge.

Another comment that gave me something to think about was this one by Brian T:

“This stuff isn’t going to end as long as the inmates responsible for Graduation Day, Infinite Crisis, Identity Crisis, Countdown, Titans East and too many other gratuitously violent and rape-y comics are running the asylum.

Unless Jim Lee somehow manages a hostile takeover, expect crap like this to continue being the status quo.”

Yeah, the same group of peeps are responsible for all of those “masterpieces.” Jim Lee? Hmmm, well, that’s an idea isn’t it?

Another option would be to petition Warner Bros, citing how the Didio reign is seriously eroding their licensing and movie / tv feasibility of DC’s core brands by way of the overall tone of the current source material. The thing to remember is that some pretty tame movies have lost box office dollars as result of the public’s views on the more extreme source material.

Pretty soon Dan Didio will be coming out with a little self-congratulatory statement at the back of all DC’s comic books:

Kids, this is the story of how Cry for Justice mini series came to be and how I rediscovered the talent that is Mister James Robinson. Remember that name - it becomes important later on...

You know, a year ago when we first wanted to rip off Roy’s arm and kill his daughter, it didn’t quite feel appropriate at the time. In the wake of my disappointment, I found out that James Robinson (who’d just been given the writing duties on Superman) was just stoked as I was about physically and emotionally torturing Roy Harper.

Really, if you think about it, no-one wanted Roy to be the red version of Green Arrow. I didn’t. James didn’t. So, logically all of DC fandom didn’t either. That’s how in touch we are with our core fan base. Indeed, it was the fans who decided that things had to turn out this way for Roy and we’re all about the fans...

You’re welcome.

Yes, Didiot strikes again.


  1. Heh. I can't help thinking exactly the same thing. What on earth did poor Roy ever do to James Robinson? Or at least what did Ollie do to deserve all this angst? They stick poor Lian in the fridge, and Roy's arm in the freezer, and for what?

  2. Maybe this all ties in to why they removed the letters column at the end of comics.

    I had only bought the first issue of Cry for Justice and then gave up on it. I know some people were reading it for the pure camp, but the characters were so off-base (especially Ray Palmer) I was too ticked off to pay money for it.

    Like I said elsewhere, I'm hoping this is the death-knell for the gritty agnsty "realistic" bs that has permeated every level of DC comics except for the kids' titles. I want good stories, well-developed characters, and superheroics back. A friend just started getting me into manga and wow, what a difference. I think DC could learn a thing or two about dramatic-and-realistic-yet-not-depressing storytelling from Shonen Jump. Manga seems like such a well-balanced and well-adusted place with its priorities in order, while comics seem more and more to me to be written by the depraved and emotionally-stunted. I'm kind of at the breaking point. (Which I why I spend a lot of time reading Silver Age comics.)

    I seriously want to write a Reader's Manifesto and send it to DC because I'm fed up. I suspect that Cry for Justice is just the final twist of the knife before we start the healing process with Brightest Day. From what I can gather from DC's blog, there's some restructuring going on in the company, and it looks like Geoff Johns now has a bigger role than just writer. Let's hope that straightens things out.

    End rant.

    "Didiot" made me laugh out loud, by the way!