Monday, March 15, 2010

Short Fiction about Superheroes (Part 5)

If you haven't read them yet, here are Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 of this series.

Today, I want to divert your attention to anthology called Lords of Justice, which differs from other anthologies I have spotlighted as is comprised of four novellas. Novellas usually start at 17500 or 20000 or 25000 words, but can go up to about 40000 words. However, these word count limits aren't universally agreed upon (and any ensuing arguments are arbitrary at best).

Here’s an interview from Static Movements with three of the four authors. There is a lot more in this short interview than self-pimpage, including the revelation of each author’s favourite superhero and their take on comparing comics and prose. By the way, the other author is actor Michael Boatman (probably best known for his role in Spin City back in the late 90s).

Then there’s the upcoming anthology called Chicks in Capes, written by about female superheroes. Lori Gentle has more on this project here.


  1. Novellas are tricky thing to pin down. I always liked that length because it gives you a lot of room to play around while not having to commit to a full-on novel. At the same time, I wish novels were shorter. Back in "the day," a novel could be 40k words...The Great Gatsby and Fahrenheit 451 are both around that length. Now publishers won't look at anything under 80k, which always makes me wonder, if you can tell your story in half that amount of words, why be shut out from the publishing world? I'm all for brevity these days. (It's all Youtube's fault!)

    Anywho, I might take a look at this, though my attention span has gotten too short to read anything that long without word bubbles and pictures. Chicks in women have to write about female protagonists to be accepted into the fangirl club? My protagonists are almost always male, so I guess I wouldn't be welcome in the girl-power club. Plus I saw a name of a certain blogger on that list of authors that makes me definitely want to avoid that anthology. But, well, end rant, and good for them and more power to them.

  2. I also don't buy into the rigid word counts, but prefer my novellas shorter. Short stories are still my favourite length of prose (get in, tell it, skip the padding, get out).

    I also recognised the name. I remember reading her blog twice. Both times I remember asking myself, "Is this really a comics blogs or a soapbox for personal gripes only tangentially related to comics?" Also, when I visit a blog for the first time, I scan the previous ten posts to see if it matches my tastes. VERDICT: Not even occasionally :)