Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Novel about superheroes raises more questions...

A while (almost two years) ago, I heard about an original superhero novel called Soon I will be invincible authored by Austin Grossman. I’ve been undecided about to buy this novel, because (i) I prefer both comics and short fiction to novels and (ii) I’m unclear what to make of the title...

Seriously, what does Grossman mean?

A] Soon I will be invincible (as in: “before you can say Shazam!”)
B] Soon I will be invincible (as in: “That’s right. Me. I’m the one who’ll become invincible. Not you. I!”)
C] Soon I will be invincible (as in: “All you haters that’ve been hating on my ambitions of power can take my future invincibility to the bank. And. Cash. It.”)
D] Soon I will be invincible (as in some sort of existential statement)
E] Soon I will be invincible (as in: “You want to know what I will be in the near future? I’ll be invincible, that’s what!”)

But if you’ve gotten past ‘the mystery’ of the title, check out this review by Karen Healey of Girls read comics. While you’re there, take a look at the cover. The helmet combines the headwear of Magneto and Thor. Is the Grossman or his publisher trying to tell us something? Egomania and Megalomania are a great combination in the same person?

Here’s another review for your enjoyment. I do however differ regarding this reviewer’s opinion about the character named Elphin’s comic book origins.

Here’s yet another from January Magazine.The column title forced me to include it.

Now, go forth and make up your own mind if novels are your thing and superheroes are your other thing.


  1. I'm still on the fence about this one. I might give it a try, but I'm always hesitant about stories with original superheroes. Not something I'd buy, but perhaps look for at the library.

    Are you thinking Elphin is an analogue to Kamandi?

  2. I didn't notice the title earlier! HA!

    There was an African mask art project on display in the hall at work...and the caption under one of the cards said the "Bwa" tribe. I immediately started laughing and no one knew why. I wanted to take a Sharpie and write "-Ha-Ha!" next to it, but I didn't.

  3. My mind is officially gone...I can't recall what I meant by:
    'I do however differ regarding this reviewer’s opinion about the character named Elphin’s comic book origins."

    Knowing me, I thought I knew better.

    RE: African mask art project. LOL.

  4. LOL at knowing better. "It was a good idea at the time...I just can't remember it now."

    I think we're all collectively losing our minds these days. I want to just embrace it and bring a coloring book to work or something or play with Legos.