Thursday, January 7, 2010

More DeviantArt fun...

Here's a political message from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.


  1. Ugh....That's just not right! I didn't think there was any more of my childhood left to ruin after George Lucas made the prequels but this proved me wrong.

  2. At least Jar-jar (spelling?) wasn't involved!

    There's this Hal Jordan themed userpic on Deviantart that was pretty funny...just have to remember the user's name...New year's brain do not fail me now!

  3. If Jar Jar was involved, my eyes would've bled.

    Post that Hal Jordan pick when/if you remember it! Fun at Hal Jordan's expense is always worth it.

  4. Hey, 1TrueGL--do you want to be involved in a blog crossover event organized by Frank of the Idol Head of Diabolu? Metamorpho and possibly Hal Jordan are up for grabs, and I thought maybe you'd like to participate. (I'm finally getting my blog up and rolling and participating representing the Metal Men.)

    Details, including Frank's email here:

  5. I'll check this out, although time is a little thin at the moment.

  6. Yes, please do! :D

    You might be able to participate a little later. From what I can gather, Frank's made some parts of it a little flexible and has us going in "Waves."