Thursday, January 28, 2010

As lifted from Chris's Invincible Super-Blog...

GL fans go here. Now!

Really. Go now and come back to read my other post.

Yup, there'll be another post today.


  1. I loved the Guy Gardner entry. (I didn't know he was a social worker. Wow, I missed that.) I think his conclusion about Guy being a total jerk because he's totally fearless and totally honest is an inspired one.

    And I definitely have to find that episode of Duck Dogers. Dry cleaning. Bwahahahaha!

    I'm not sure if I think of Kyle as the "IN YOUR FACE!!1!11!" kind of guy, though.

  2. That IS a great insight about Guy Gardner.

    I think Guy (especially the one in the JLI) was always more "IN YOUR FACE!" than Kyle.

  3. I agree--Guy definitely has something to prove. Kyle I always saw as the sensitive guy, though while young at heart, has his heart in the right place.