Tuesday, January 19, 2010

As promised, here’s some Hal Jordan DeviantArt Icon fun…

A few weeks back I mentioned an image I came across featuring Hal Jordan. Scroll down to 'Webcam' section on the left. Only Hal could get away with saying that.

He’s kind of like Austin Powers in that way.

Or like the Love Guru.

Maybe I'm just indecisive from the neck up.


  1. Ha! You've got to show this to Sally.

    I think this pic showed up on Scipio's Absorbascon at one point...it seems like something he'd post.

    "Maybe I'm just indecisive from the neck up."

    Behold: Hal Jordan's true weakness!

  2. Ah, a true classic. Hal DOES have a rather large opinion of himself.

  3. Liss: I think you may be right about that weakness.

    SallyP: Yes, that's just blatant self-promotion to the ladies (probably in the midst of a crisis).

    How did this one get past the editor? The word 'powerless' should've caused an editorial 'Wait, what now?'

  4. It was a simpler time, I guess. :) Though that really is so darn obvious you would've thought it would've been pulled. A lot of old movies around that time actually had some rather amusing double entendres, though.