Monday, November 2, 2009

What this blog was almost called...

The One True GL (OR 1truegl as it is in this blog’s URL) was not my first choice as a blog title. For one thing, I never thought the title or URL would be available...There are a lot of comic readers from the late eighties and early nineties on the net and some of them had to be (and are) Green Lantern fans.

http://em_warrior. (I was afraid people wouldn’t get that it was short for emerald warrior... “Electro-magnetic Warrior? Huh? Does this guy plan to fry all the circuits making up the interwebs?”)

I knew this blog was going to be about superheroes and my random theorizing about comics and superheroes. So, naturally I came up with a few alternative titles:

http://hero_posits. (Since I like to posit hypotheses and sometimes theories about heroes, but it sounded like hero deposits and that sounded strange.)

http://ahero_posits. (It’s singular, right?)

http://hero_positions. (This one lasted for about two seconds before I realised a lot of folks would think I wrote slash fiction.)

http://ringbearer. (Okay, I realised this could lead people to thinking I wanted to find a bride.)


  1. http://hero_positions. (This one lasted for about two seconds before I realised a lot of folks would think I wrote slash fiction.)

    Some really bad mental images sprung to mind when I read this. (Okay, that picture of Nathan Fillion sprung to mind as well.) lol.

    I like the current name for your blog. Plus it's easy to type in. It's the only web address I know that starts with a number, so all I have to do is put "1" in the address bar and the rest of your address pops up. But who is the One True GL? Hal? Or Kyle? Or is it you? Wait! It's Guy Gardner!

    And not enough people in the world know what posits means. Shame on them.

    http://ringbearer. Or that could mean perhaps your name is Gollum.

    Your post reminded me that I've got to think of names for my own comics blog...if I ever get around to it. November is too busy a month for me.

  2. I prefer the name Smeagol...

    One true GL? Other than me, I'm a fan of all three, but I do like Kyle a lot. I think he beats the others for imagination in using the ring. I've done a post about it just now...sort of. You'll also find a post in the archive for August that also explains my preference

    Name for a comics blog methodology:
    1]What type of comics blog?
    a. Comics review
    b. serious industry rant
    c. humourous industry rant
    d. general comics ramble
    e. dedicated to one hero
    f. most of the above

    2. Who is your favourite hero?

    3. Do you have a favourite hero catchphrase?

    4. Alternatively, is there a hero who is connected to all of your favourite heroes and events (or even eras)?

    I think if you answer these, you'll start to get an idea of a name.

  3. Thanks for your help with blog ideas! The blog that I admired the most (and miss dearly) was The Absorbascon. I indentified with Scipio's razor-sharp analysis. Though I won't come close to that level, I like analyzing comics...I like analyzing pretty much everything. I also liked the short, humorous posts as well. So I guess it would analysis/humor, with the occasional rambles and rants.

    I couldn't dedicate it to one hero, because Idol Head takes care of that perfectly. And there's probably 2 million Batman blogs out there!

    I was very tempted to make a blog devoted to Adam Strange out of spite because Scipio was always down on him, and he's a favorite of mine, but I can't stick to just one character. I'm too eclectic for that.

    Favorite hero catchprhase? I hadn't thought of that before. I'll have to think about that. (Only thing that comes to mind is Blue Beetle's BWAHAHAHA.)

    The one title that keeps popping up in my mind is "Comics Make Me Happy." Because, well, they do. They always cheer me up. And I want comics to make other people happy, too. Spreading comic book love around the internet, (and getting people to appreciate more obscure things like the Silver Age, for example), especially to people who only have a passing knowledge of comics would make me very content.

    As for Kyle vs. Hal...yes, I see your point when it comes to imagination and cleverness. For some reason, Kyle's personality never struck me as "heroic," but that doesn't mean he's not a hero. Maybe because he's the quiet type. Hal Jordan is just a full-bore-take-charge kinda guy, and I think of him more as a soldier. I find that bigger-than-life personality a good fit for comics, though I suppose if met them both in real life I'd probably find Hal's personality to be too stubborn, and I'd pick Kyle as the better man. There's a reason Carol Ferris can only put up with Hal for so long.