Friday, November 20, 2009

Some evergreen laughter-inducing stuff

Whenever I need a pick-me-up for the soul, I head to interwebs to explore the comics blogosphere for some laughs. Sometimes I find new hilarity, but other times I visit some older fare. The following is such evergreen scholarship and, considering my current superhero project, it might be required refresher course reading...

I present 2005's The top ten lamest superherheroes of all time and its sequel.

More recent is this: The crappiest comic superhero.

I don't agree with every hero on the list, though. For example, Vibe (as noted on the Absorbascon) is NOT lame and doesn't belong on any such list.

I could do a list of my own, but it would mirror my “Why I should write a single issue of Legion” post that I’ll refrain from ever posting. Hint: Bouncing Boy and Matter Eater lad DIE on page one.


  1. The Red Bee actually sounds kind of cool in a campy way. Or I could imagine him being in a kid's comic. C'mon, a cute little trained bee? That's kind of...cute...sort Honey Nut Cheerios.

    Arm Fall Off Boy?! ROFL. Now THAT made my day. Wow. He seriously should've come back from the future to join the JLI.

    My daily dose of comics pick-me-up was always the Absorbascon. Now there's just a big, black void in my life now that it's gone. Though I occasionally go through the archives. His riffs on J'onn send me into hysterics.

    Infection Lass...okay, there's a definitely a Paris Hilton joke in there somewhere but I'm not going to go there.

    And no love for Captain Planet? This guy obviously was not a kid when Captain Planet came around. Because if he was, he'd know how cool he is. Yeah, looking back, I'm not a big fan of Ted Turner, but oh well.

    And c'mon, the Superpets are awesome!!!! Krypto saved Martha Kent! And Streaky and Krypto were so cute in Wednesday Comics! Who wouldn't want an invulnerable, flying, laser-beam-shooting cat? If you don't, you're just not human!

  2. God i miss Scipio. I've even learned to appreciate Vibe...a little.

    But Dazzler makes me queasy.

  3. Liss:There was another list where they don’t mention Captain Planet but one of his planeteers. His name escapes me, but his was the power of heart. The author of the list/post went on describe various scenarios where that planeteer would be all but useless. For example, an inescapable volcanic eruption would leave said planeteer clenching his fist and saying, “heart.” He can't save them using his power; he can only give them false hope...

    SallyP: Agreed on all three fronts...In fact, my next post is about one of your statements...