Wednesday, November 18, 2009

True origin of Hal Jordan?

There must be other comic scholars who have posed this question, but...Did they create the characters of Hal Jordan and Captain James T. Kirk from Star Trek from the same mould?

You know, the charismatic hero who traverses the spaceways, has relations with many a human and alien female, doesn’t believe in no-win situations, and gets away with breaking various rules and directives while still being regarded as a great?

There are a pretty staggering number of similarities between the two... For example, I seem to recall Kirk also having to resort to the old “a-space-parasite-made-me-do-it” defence at some time.

Exhibit A: Both seem to share the same stylist.

Exhibit B: Both wear ridiculously tight uniforms (without benefit of a cape to divert the attention gawkers away

Exhibit C: Both men have been called “a man among men and a hero for the ages.” Again, wearing ridiculously tight outfits will create such impressions.

Exhibit D: Hal Jordan has Barry Allen and Oliver Queen as both best friends and colleagues. Barry and Ollie have had many arguments (read: thinly veiled attempts to trump each other for Hal’s favour) over the years, which Barry could easily win/end in two seconds, but he admires Ollie’s passion for Hal too much.

Question: How does it feel to work with your best friend?

Answer: Much like working with your other best friend...

James Kirk has Spock and Doctor Leonard McCoy as best friends and colleagues. Spock and McCoy have had many arguments (read: thinly veiled attempts to trump each other for Kirk’s favour) over the years, which Spock could easily win/end in two seconds, but he admires McCoy’s passion for Kirk too much.

Seriously, Spock could end it like so...

...or like so...

...or even like so...
...but that's when he often sees McCoy's passion...

Exhibit E: Both Hal (Green Lantern: Rebirth and beyond) and Kirk (in Star Trek: Generations) were ‘reborn’ and fought alongside their successors.

Exhibit F: A river runs through it. Not only is this the name of a movie in which Brad Pitt looks disturbingly like the love-child of his director, Robert Redford, but also another compelling ‘coincidence’ shared between a particular Green Lantern and a Starfleet Captain. Allow me to elucidate...Hal’s surname is Jordan, the name of a river. Captain James T. Kirk’s middle name is Tiberius, which means ‘of the Tiber’, which is also the name of a river.

This is disturbing and off topic...

Exhibit G: Both work or have worked for people who’ve taken style tips from French Cardinal Richelieu.

One of the Guardians

A Starfleet Admiral wearing an outfit that makes his personality pop!

Cardinal Richelieu as style icon

Exhibit H: Both are prone to an unnaturally high incidence of grappling or wrestling with opponents and friends... Hal has the most powerful weapon in the universe on his finger and Captain Kirk’s phaser is set to stun anyway. So, there really no need to get physical. I could have shown a few images here to illustrate, but let’s keep this workplace-safe.


  1. Bwahahahaha!!! Your post MADE my day, and unfortunately I can't laugh out loud because I'm at work.

    No wonder why I have this love/hate thing with Hal Jordan! It's because I feel the same way about Kirk!!! Both are obnoxious...and yet I can't help liking it pheremones? Or the hair? Okay, it's the hair.

    Not to mention that the Guardians are just as set in their ways/occasionally make poor choices as do Starfleet Admirals.

    Wow. Excellent way to connect the dots, Sir. Exhibit D and the bit about Richelieu made my day.

  2. I've never seen Cardinal Richelieu dragged into an essay about Hal Jordan before...and it Made My Day!

  3. You're both welcome! I'm glad Hal and Kirk are able to brighten your days. They make the magic happen. I just blog about it.

    You know, it's funny that McCoy and Ollie can sometimes have such short fuses. I mean, DOCTOR McCoy can instantly lose his bedside manner and Ollie can lose the calmness that he exhibits when he's all champion-of-social-consciousness just as quickly. This usually happens when they feel that they're being left out by the Hal-Barry or Kirk-Spock dynamic. Hey, Hal and Kirk still love you guys!

    You know, Richelieu's style influence is underestimated by many a scholar. I seem to recall that the cardinal once said, "I decree that from this day is the new black!"