Friday, February 19, 2010

JLA: The Movie – How it should be done (Part 7)

This post is sort of supplemental to the series  in the sense that there are some things we could include or not. Click here to read Part 6 and find links to all of the other posts in the series.

I give you Evangeline Lilly (our #1 pick for the role of Wonder Woman) who has recently shocked us with the “I’m done with acting” announcement.

Now, I give you Anna Friel (from Lands of the Lost).

Is it just me or could Evangeline and Anna be sisters? Not twins, but there's slight  resemblance, right? No, I’m not trying to replace Miss Lilly as Wonder Woman. Nor am I envisioning a role for Donna Troy in this movie – that ship will never sail...

No, this has to do with a scene that could make it into the movie or could be done as an extra for the dvd special edition. Bear in mind that this is a movie, so we’ll take some liberties with the source material accuracy and such...

Our scene sees the league (minus Scott and Barda who are missing at the point) landing on Paradise Island (Themyscira) to learn more about “the source” from Earth’s resident expert, he Amazon Queen, wonder woman’s mama. The JLA have been granted access under Diana’s auspices. Booster Gold (Sean William Scott) and Beetle (James Roday from Psych) are also along and are the only two that aren’t up to date on Amazon custom.

Blue and Gold are at the back of the party as they make their way to the palace under the watchful eyes of Diana’s Amazon sisters.

Beetle sees a beautiful Amazon warrior and remarks to Booster, “Wow. She’s beautiful, tall and looks like she could handle herself. I’m in love.” He sees another Amazon sentry. “I think I’ve just fallen in love again.” He sees another five along the path, all taller than him.

Booster says, “It’s weird, they look super-aggressive. Then again, it must be their way of showing how super-interested in us they are.”

“I think you’re probably right. I am loving the boy-girl ratio on this island. Man, our odds must be off-the-charts here. Too bad, we’re here doing the hero thing.”

"Yeah, hero stuff comes first, but next time I’m definitely checking out the nightlife...”

The Amazon royal palace.

Wonder Woman embraces her mother (played by you guessed it...Anna Friel). Yes, Evangeline and Anna  look of simlar age, but that’s the point here. Well, you'll see in a minute. Anyhoo, Diana introduces the rest of the league to her mother.

After being introduced, Booster Gold (played by Sean William Scott) blurts out, “Wonder Woman, your mom is hot.”

The palace hall goes quiet. The rest of the league, Diana, and her mom give Booster brief looks ranging from annoyance (Batman and Hawkman) to judgment (Supes) to disappointment (J’onn) to embarrassment (Flash) to superiority (Hal) to thankfulness (as in thankful that it wasn’t him who made the slip up -Beetle).

I think this extra will be called “Paradise Bust” on the dvd.


  1. Bwahahahaha!!! I like Booster's comment about how super-interested they are. Oh, Booster, you just don't get it...

    This should be in the movie, not a cut scene. Comic relief!

    And Anna Friel! How could I forget about her? (I was a huge fan of Pushing Daisies.) Another actress I admire and who can pull off the natural look really well.

  2. Since you have noted that this scene kills, consider it inserted in "JLA: The Movie" proper. Yeah, Booster just doesn't get it. It might be even funnier to see him checking out the nightlife...

    The first time I saw her in anything she had short red hair, but in recent years the long dark tresses have had me wondering why she hasn't played Evangeline's sister in something...

  3. She has long, curlyish hair in Pushing Daisies. (Which is an amazing show, if you ever get a chance to rent the DVDs.) I loved her character so much I wanted to be her for Halloween but I couldn't find to the right red dress. So sad that show got cancelled...

    I think a scene with Booster and Beetle out on the town is necessary for any movie those two happen to be in together. That fan-made Powergirl film came close to capturing that camaraderie. (, about eight minutes in.)

  4. I've seen the show, but it was abit of a disconnect in my mind when she started appearing with the long, dark hair...I thought it was someone else.

    Didn't know that you were such a big fan...My fave shows always get cancelled prematurely.

    Powergirl film - great stuff!

    Just discovered your friends request...We are now friends and only from this point in time, because the internets said so! -

    From 1 truly absentminded GL.

  5. Me watching a TV show = it being cancelled soon afterwards. Pushing Daisies, The Invisible Man...only exception is Lost!

    The people who made that Powergirl film also made a nice Question movie, if I remember correctly...very well done.

    I have no idea how that friend request thingy works, because I can't seem to access it from my Google account and it bugs me when I can't figure things out.

    --One not-quite-with-it Lissbirds