Tuesday, February 16, 2010

If DC ever created their own FF – The Super-powerful Superhero Oversight Edition (Now with extra eyes looking over and hands tapping on shoulders!)

A while back, I wrote this post to propose DC’s very own Fantastic Four. I still like my first DC’s FF proposal, but I know I have more than one in me. It occurred to me that a four-member super team is as much about how the team relates to outsiders as they do with each other and this team’s genesis has to do with exactly that.
This is my most radical proposal for DC’s very own Fantastic Four (I think).

Team name: Vigil

1] Dr. Fate

The current Doctor Fate becomes both the founder and leader of the team. As different versions of Doctor Fate have been members of the JLA and JSA, he knows how influential both teams are in terms of opinions/behaviour of even non-members. Most heroes in the DCU believe them to be morally infallible and some hero-worship the JLA and JSA. However, Fate has "seen" the moral failures of especially the JLA (including the events of Identity Crisis) and knows how difficult it is for any hero to oppose them. In the same way, teams such as the Outsiders and the Doom Patrol operate under such shadowy circumstances that destructive effects from their actions may only be felt when it’s already too late. “Batman’s Brother Eye satellite was pointed in the wrong direction, but who has enough character and is powerful enough to stop or ‘course correct’ a JLA when they’ve crossed the line?”

2] Green Lantern Sodam Yat

Sodam is brash and inexperienced, but not afraid to ruffle some fellow GL feathers. He’s also a Daxamite, so he’s just about as powerful as Superman. His weakness is lead, though. Did I mention he’s a Green Lantern? Anyhoo, Fate shows Sodam how easy it is for Superman to become a Superman Prime of sorts and how the GLs from Earth (Hal, John, Guy, and Kyle) aren’t objective when it comes to the JLA or JSA...

Next, Fate uses a spell to snatch an underappreciated hero from the 30th century...Hey, there’s a lot of that going on...

3] Wildfire

Seriously, what was DC doing with this hero anyway? I don’t think that this is ever stated explicitly, but I don’t believe Wildfire is as onboard with the “Superman’s heroism is the continued inspiration for the Legion” business as some other Legionnaires and that’s a big part of Fate’s pitch to this legionnaire. In fact, Superboy was his greatest rival in original continuity and the two fought each other to a standstill on one occasion. Wildfire is a former Legion leader, known for his hot-tempered yet decisive and tactically sound leadership. Unlike Cosmic Boy, Wildfire didn’t lead by popularity.

It’ll be interesting to see how he works with Sodam Yat, seeing that one of the fellow legionnaires that clashed with Wildfire most frequently was also an arrogant Daxamite.

4] Ragman

This is a repeat from the first post, but I don’t think I stressed just how powerful Ragman potentially is. Let’s just focus on one of his powers, strength: He could suddenly have the combined strength of a few dozen people or up to a few hundred people. Then, there’s his ability to absorb souls into his costume...Oh yeah, his first Vigil mission is to infiltrate the JLA and assess how ethically the world's greatest heroes operate. Of course, Rory is the most conflicted member of the team and not sure that they're doing the right thing.

Well, that's it for now. Be keeping an eye on you... (That's Vigil's comic tagline. Like it?)


  1. Interesting. I'm liking the mystical aspect of the team with Fate and Ragman. Ragman has been steadily growing on me...I like the mystical/quasi-Biblical vibe I'm getting from him. (Same vibe I get from Phantom Stranger.) And I like Sodam Yat...that's an interesting choice. I'm guessing you're going for a darker tone?

    OMG...my verification word was "Pookie." Kid you not.

  2. Oh, BTW, I JUST saw Star Trek and I now think Chris Pine would make a fantastic Flash.

  3. Yes, I'm going for darker (but not that dark)...The team would kind of be a secret aliance at first (hence the Ragmnan undercover in the league business), but will reveal themselves when they deem it necessary.

    I'm really surprised that DC didn't do something similar to this in the wake of Identity Crisis. Someone like would be the perfect person to find out about these things after the fact. I also think his whole Order-Chaos balance thing would make Vigil "almost part of his cosmic job description."

    "The Pine" (just came up with that) is really charismatic and can transform quite a bit in different roles. Then there are his eyebrows that draw you into his eyes and make you wonder, "What is he looking at?" As stated earlier I think the Flash is all about that, at both normal and superspeed...

    Pookie...Sounds about right. If someone hasn't given you that pet name in real space, then a machine giving it to you in cyberspace is wholly appropriate :)

  4. The whole Chaos-Order balance almost makes me think Libra could be an appropriate villain to Vigil. Or maybe Equinox?

    Plus The Pine can play comedy quite well, and Flash needs that subtle humor.

    Well, as long as the Interwebs don't dub me the Crazy Cat Lady or something I guess I'm fine with that. Watch, that'll be my next verification word...