Friday, February 12, 2010

An Early Valentine's Day Message...

I know this is a few days early, but I'd like to talk about that comics topic that cannot be avoided...Valentine's Day. In comics, I can only really think of one couple who have the sort of love that everyone should want:

Barda and Scott Free

For the guys, here are my reasons:

1] Every guy deserves someone who'll stand by him no matter what the odds and fight for their relationship, like so...

2] Every guy deserve someone who won't take crap from the in-laws, be they yours or hers (or people who are just as interfering), like so...

For the ladies, here are my reasons:

1] Every woman deserves someone whose ‘forever’ actually means forever, who will always slip out of even the heaviest chains of everything else and find his way back to her...

2] Every woman deserves someone who’d love nothing more than be tied up with her or next to her or by her...

So much so that he’ll teach others to surrender to their respective partners in the same way...

“Remember, Superman, ‘spandex’ is our safe word...”
"Yes, Mistress Lois."

Of course, it helps if you have a song with sentimental value you can call 'our song' like Scott and Barda do. In fact, they have two faves...
The one is Escape by Enrique Iglesias. Scott likes the sing the high notes of this section of the song:
You can run, you can run,
You can run, you can run,
You can run, you can run,
You can run, you can run,
You can run, you can run,
You can run, you can hide
But you can't escape my love...
The other song is Young Hearts Run Free by Candi Station. Barda is particularly good at singing this song while wearing this outfit:
Young hearts, run free
Never be hung up, hung up like my man and me (oooh)

Here's wishing you a great Valentine's Day from me (and the Frees).


  1. There ARE some wonderful couples out there. Barda and Scott rank right at the top, along with Ralph and Sue, and Clark and Lois.

  2. Even though I can't stand Valentine's Day, this is quite sweet.

    I always thought Alanna and Adam Strange were a sweet couple, as well as Buddy Baker and Ellen. Except for when Starfire was staying over at their house and things got a little crazy between them. :)