Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Too much or not enough is the question

This is a link to a post from two years or so back. It’s controversial, so it’s from livejournal :)

See, this supports my views about livejournal from my previous social media post.

As someone working on (nay slogging away at) a graphic novel script (more on this in the months to come), my position is this:

Art (visual) direction is fine as long as you check said art direction for impossibilities. Perhaps, this is just my background as a wannabe Science Fiction short story writer and reader: Everyone (including me) is always checking whether you violated the rules you created yourself.

I try to go for full visual direction ONLY for panels that are dramatic. It’s analogous to my rule for writing short story openings (hooks): Start with the most evocative image.

Still, I'll try to moderate my own Kubrick-ness (named after that  infamous and equally pedantic tinkerer of directors Stanley Kubrick who gained a rep for... um... pedantically tinkering at the most UNIMPORTANT details of cinematic filming). This is hard, because most wannabe (comic book) writers come to writing via watching movies.

I'll try to find the balance.

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