Monday, October 26, 2009

JLA: The Movie - How it should happen (Part Two)

As mentioned in Part One, Justice League America tops my comic-that-should-be-made-into-a-movie list. Lissbirds rightly pointed out that the securing the talent (cast, etc.) is the difficult part and going animated way seems to be the only the movie is ever going to be made. In fact, the last cancelled attempt at putting together a live action JLA movie I heard about seemed to have a mid-budget feel about it and had a largely unknown cast. DC obviously doesn’t know how hot this property is.

In terms of casting, I’d like to see Christian Bale as Batman and Tom Welling (from Smallville) as Superman. I did not at all like Brandon Routh’s portrayal of Superman in Superman Return (a movie I disliked a lot). Tom gives Superman more personality.

Martian Manhunter could be... David Boreanaz (from Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Bones)? Somehow, he’ll make all the make-up / green screen acting work.

That reminds me...I made a rather HUGE omission in my previous JLA the movie post:  the man / director /comic-&-movie-god who’ll pull all the threads together...drumroll please...Joss Whedon!

But wait, didn’t Whedon say that DC heroes are too god-like to make good comic-to-film-translations?

Okay, yes, he did.   That was before he saw my idea for the movie...hehe

But, that’s the great thing about the JLA: they’re a group of god-like figures whose individual sets of ethics differ and can be played against one another. You’ll have a hard time making a case for any one of them being heroically and/or morally superior to the rest.

Also, as already established, the JLA would be facing be the new gods of Apokalips. Who better to make the JLA seem less god-like than people who are?

Mister Whedon, are you ready to sign up? Yes? Well, bring along Nathan Fillion (from Firefly) to play Hal Jordan, will you?

That dude will make Hal bearable to audiences who don’t know Hal Jordan and won’t understand how well-intentioned behaviour only resembles douchery. He's also not scared to bear all for the camera ad let's face it, wearing Hal's costume is the next thing.

I'm sure this "audition pic" will carry SallyP  of Green Lantern Butts' approval and vote...

Okay, I’ll settle for the studio choice, Ryan Renolds, too.

I still don't know who will play Wonder Woman...decisions, decisions...

Then, it’s all set, Mister Whedon. We’ll see you on set, Mister Whedon. Thank you for being you, Mister Whedon. I’ll be quiet now, Mister Whedon.


  1. Holy Guacamole, that is one fabulous behind! You DO have my approval!

    I'll...I'll try and calm down now.

    But nice choices for a movie. I too am quite anxious to see it made...and made well.

  2. LOL, Sally!

    One True GL, you have seen the fan trailer of the Green Lantern movie with Nathan Fillion, right? If not, I can post the link. It's required viewing.

    Your ideas are all very exciting and ambitious and I wish I could give you $300 million so you could go make this. The only gripe I have is with your casting of Martian Manhunter. I'd like someone older to play him (I mean, he's hundreds of years old), and someone more exotic than David Boreanaz. And not someone who was a former teen heartthrob. Some relative unknown or some reliable character actor would hit the right note for me.

    I'd be curious to hear what Frank from The Idol Head would think about this and who he'd cast.

  3. Hi LissBirds,

    That is a brilliant trailer. I lost the link, though.

    The thing with Nathan Fillion is that he might make GL the most popular character in the movie by the sheer power of his personality and charm. Would the studio want that? Just playing devil's advocate (against my own pick) here.

    $300 million, please send it through! $290 million as my payment. You know, I have a few flashlights, some green cellophane, lego, and some green paint somewhere around the house. So that takes care of the GL special effects.

    Martian manhunter will be invisible all of the time and we can edit-splice scenes from Smallville and Batman begins to take care of Supes and Bats.

    Mister Boreanaz is a bit older than most people think, but I get what you're saying. Larry Fishburne comes up a lot - I think it's because his voice sounds like many believe JJ sounds (at least in animated versions of the character). That and any and all male brit actors over the age of 19.

    I think Frank is the man to lead us in all matters JJ (I'm trying to start something by calling Martian Manhunter 'JJ'). I remember that he reviewed some strange man's cast choices that included JL Detroit. Notable highlights I can recall were the scawniest, shortest actor (Benjamin McKenzie) as Steel. I must explore his blog to find it.

    Flash and WW are confounding casting questions to me. I'll have to meditate on these issues...

  4. Here's the link again:

    Sad thing is, I didn't know Nathon Fillion outside of Castle until I read your post! I never saw Firefly.

    lol...and I'm working on making a Green Lantern ring so at least we'd have that. GL can walk around the whole movie in jeans. He'll be the Casual Lantern. Ha ha...poor face time for him.

    Not sure if Lawrence Fishburne has the presence to be J'onn but I can see where people are coming from. I really have no idea who I'd like to be J'onn..which is sad considering he's my second favorite hero. I guess he's just so indefinable to me that I can't see him played by any actor.

    Yes, we'll have to run this past Frank. And I vaguely remember that "Wish List" cast for the JLA movie..

    Wonder Woman....Jennifer Connelly? If she bulked up and worked out, I could almost see that...

    Flash...are we talking Barry or Wally?

  5. Forgot to mention: Flash would be moving so fast that he'd be invisible too...

    Martian Manhunter is a tough one...perhaps worthy of a post of its own.

    Flash: If it's Barry - one set of candidates...If it's Wally - a different set of candidates...

    Jennifer Connelly is definitely up there on the list.

    Then, there are other charcters that need to be cast...Part three is taking shape in my mind.