Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More DeviantArt stuff: Six different takes on the World’s Greatest Heroes...

It’s time to show the artists of DeviantArt some love. Click and enjoy!

A good line-up is featured in the artwork presented by Adamwhithers.

This piece by genesischant makes me want to say, “Those cats are cool.”

Those readers with Unlimited love, I’ll direct to this, courtesy of Apollorising. No, the ‘Unlimited love’ remark doesn’t mean that it’s slash fiction-inspired.

Laurie B give us a slightly stunned (or just a little wide-eyed) interpretation of the Justice League. Only Batman seems to be unphased by developments...as usual.

Some might say that Douglas Shuler gives the JLA more depth in this special work.

This work by DeaviantArt user JPRart is just plain beautiful, in my opinion.


  1. OMG. That second one--the 1920's JLA is so full of pure WIN I almost fell off my chair at work. What an awesome Elseworlds story that would make.

    The rest are all lovely, too, especially the "cutified" one. Sigh. I need to start drawing again. There's so many talented people out there.

  2. Wow! Sorry, blogger must've ate my reply.
    I instantly thought of you when I saw that image, maybe because it was early noir or pre-noir detective (hard luck story) era. That and your love of old movies.

    If it’s a time travel story where perhaps the league loses their powers, I can picture one of them saying, “We’re the world’s greatest heroes, see? We stomp bad guys, see? Get out of our way, see? Or will I pump you full of holes with my tommy gun, see?”

    Another one will say, “Why are you talking like that? Didn't they do the whole 'see' thing in the 40s?”

    "I don't care, see?"

  3. And during that whole exchange, J'onn is standing in the background rolling his eyes.

    And then Jimmy Cagney shows up and is awesome, and then all team up and beat up gangsters and they are all awesome together. Wooo!

    My verification word is "might." How banal.