Friday, April 16, 2010

From Justice League Titans to Justice League Kinda Sorta...

So, now the JLA will be Batman (Dick Grayson), Supergirl, Donna Troy, Jade, Starman (Mikaal Thomas), Congorilla and Jesse Quick? Then, Doctor Light and Gypsy join up later? Congorilla and Starman are the new Blue and Gold, with the former getting a Scottish accent as well as some Wolverine (healing factor) and Maul (emotion-based size*) powers? Who created Congorilla and is he/she okay with these changes? Are these just retcon-later-if-don't-like-it changes? Why am I asking so many questions relating to Congorilla? Robinson didn't know he couldn't handle a large roster beforehand? Did Robinson know what he was getting into with a Didio-sanctioned league?

*Note: Those refer to Congorilla growing to King Kong's size...


  1. This is the current JLA roster? Sigh. I don't want to buy it...but they're doing a crossover soon between them and the JSA, and I like the current JSA run so I feel obligated to buy it. Or perhaps mind-controlled to buy it. That's more like it...

    "Congorilla and Starman are the new Blue and Gold" Whaaaaaaat? You just blasphemed against the Holiest of Sacred Bromances. We must find an appropriate penance for you!

  2. "Congorilla and Starman are the new Blue and Gold"
    James Robinson said it, not me. He needs the penance.

  3. Then let's flog him with a hardcover copy of Justice League International! I think that's appropriate.