Thursday, December 3, 2009

Taken from the ‘Heroes need love and understanding’ forum...

TOPIC / THREAD: Changing perceptions after the fact

Here’s my problem. I only date other heroes, because normals just wouldn’t understand my crazy life or why I’m always in my stage outfit even on my day off. A long time ago I did some morally frowned upon stuff and it’s since resurfaced in the present. Now it seems that every guy I meet already has a tainted perception of me. I used to have a kind of fun, harmless life of the party image, but now...How do I change their minds without REALLY changing their minds?

I had a similar experience, although I’m not really in the dating scene. I’m still trying to make up for it and make the one who matters understand that I was only motivated by love.

I’ve always been considered a bit of a bitch in professional circles. I was the other woman and to make matters worse my powers are similar to his then wife and she’s (almost universally beloved). So, people like to compare her ‘saintly’ use of her powers to my perceived ‘borderline ethically questionable’ use of my powers.

Thanks guys. Is there anything more specific I can do?

Anna_taz: I don’t know you and lack enough details about your situation, but here’s my two cents. There are a lot worse deeds than posing for a playboy spread.

Pale_majesty: I don’t know you either, but judging from your username (majesty?) you have a HUGE opinion of yourself. So, my advice to you is simple: Get over yourself. Yeah, you’re borderline alright...

Magic_redhead: You, I do know. It’s my life’s greatest regret that I never caught on to how unquestionably batshit crazy you were and possibly still are!

Cap_amorous (moderator):
To Flying_quiver: Son, the user who owned that moniker died once and never renewed his membership. I don’t know who you are, but you’re NOT him. I’m going to lock your IP address out of this forum permanently. God bless America.

'...died once and never renewed his membership.'  Huh?
Cap_amorous, I don’t think that death isn’t quite the impediment to forum participation you think it is. Trust me.

Lime_cupid: Actually, Cap should know you’re right as well, considering what’s gone on with him...

Anna_taz: As someone who has also done more than his share good intentioned misdeeds, I can tell you that Magic_redhead (hi) is right. Btw, are you new here? I haven’t seen on this forum before and I’m always trawling for topics. I’d never judge you. Can I send you a private message to set up a coffee date? I know this café in Paris with the best espresso. Maybe we can fly there for a cup...together?

Anna_taz, don’t be so mysterious. Give us more detail. Please be as specific as you can about everything. Use this as ‘practice run’ for when you tell your next partner your side of the story. That’s the only way to change perceptions about you. Say what you are thinking. I always try to do this in my relationships.

I_Malone, do I know you?

Raving_bAD, does Anna_taz really need to know you? You sound like a capitalist tyrant who thinks that you can buy everyone. Grab a clue card: You can't! Trawling, indeed.

I_Malone, you’re scaring everyone on this forum with your thinly veiled fascist interrogation tactics.


  1. You're welcome. This post wrote itself.

    Admittedly, I was a bit worried that it relies on the reader having knowledge of both DC and Marvel (e.g. Zatanna's Identity Crisis deeds; Scarlet Witch' reality-altering creation of her kids; Emma Frost's relationship with Cylcops; Hawkeye's death; Green Arrow's death; Raving_bAD being a play on 'stark raving mad' which would pointed to Tony Stark / Iron Man; Batman's lack of knowledge concerning mindswiping; and 'Matches Malone' being an alias of Batman).

  2. I'm a DC-only girl, so I didn't get all of it. But I defintely got the Green Arrow part!