Tuesday, September 7, 2010

As previously interrogated out of me by the Purple Menace...

I confess...I've joined the other side.

A story I've spun has made it into the soon-to-be-published No More Heroes anthology, edited by Wayne Goodchild & Bill Tucker. I'm still not revealing my story's title, because self-hype is my kryptonite (although I try to encourage others to promote their talents).

Anyway, the good editors have given us an advanced look at the front and back covers. Just use your heigtened internet vision and take a gander at the late bronze agey coolness below...

You'll never take me alive, O Purple One!


  1. The cover is really cool! Especially the back.

    Well, now I'm just going to have to buy a copy and read all the "about the author" blurbs (if there are any) and figure things out that way. So THERE!

    Nice label. Now I know what to call myself when I become a supervillain.

  2. Came accross these in the meantime:
    (This is Gods of Justice anth0 deadline 31 Jan 2011)

    and this upcoming theme from the zine Crossed Genres (submit ONLY in JAN 2011):

  3. Crossed Genres--it's nice to see a journal that's open to a lot of genres. Very cool.

    Cliffhanger sounds like a classy publisher. The "innovative take" sounds cool, but hard to pull off. :)